About Us

At Broadleaf Tobacco & Smoke Shop we pride ourselves on our huge walk-in humidor, large selection of pipe tobaccos, low prices, and our fast and friendly service.

We’re located at:

487 Ritchie Highway, Suite 101
Severna Park, Maryland 21146
Telephone: 410-315-8118

Walk In Humidor

Broadleaf Walk In Humidor sports a huge climate-controlled environment housing thousands of cigars from all over the world (except CUBA.) Our cigar selection is a cross-section of well known standards, little-known boutique brands and special treasures we’ve come across through our worldwide connections in the cigar business.

Store and Lounge

Broadleaf Smoking Lounge Our floor plan is purposefully laid-out to foster inclusion, socializing and relaxation. Our owner, Seth Howard, often talks about his initial experiences entering area tobacco shops. The smoking areas were separated from the public or felt cliquish and cold. Even though some lounges were placed at the front of the store, conversation would stop as he entered the room — making him feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. By placing our staff and customers right up front we are fostering continuous conversation where you’ll always receive a warm greeting and you’ll feel more like you’re entering the home of an old friend rather than a cliquish private club. Frankly, we feel more like party hosts than retailers — because a day at Broadleaf is just so much darn fun!.

New to cigars? No problem! Our staff and other customers love helping new smokers with tips on cutting, selecting and smoking. Whether you stop-in for a birthday cigar the day you turn 21, or you’ve always wondered what “this cigar thing” is all about, we look forward to your visit. Sure, we may poke a little fun at you if you try to light the wrong end of the the cigar — but, it’s just because we like you, not because you’re new and inexperienced.

Our lounge is where connections and friendships are made. Over the years, we’ve solved the problems of the world, watched the Ravens win and lose, started new businesses, laid the foundations for lifetime friendships and much more. You’re as likely to score a new job, get a great referral for a contractor or meet your next customer as you are to learn about a great cigar you’ve never tried.

Want to stop in. smoke and get some work done? We have FREE WiFi access available to ALL customers.

Broadleaf Coffee Bar

We brew coffee, hot tea, espresso and cappuccino fresh by the cup here at Broadleaf. Choose from our wide selection of regular and decaf blends. We feature coffee by Filter Fresh and espresso drinks by Illy.

Bottled Water/Canned Soda: Coffee or Hot Tea
Espresso – Broadleaf Cuban Coffee – Cappuccino/Latte